Tumblr may become the Media of choice over Twitter

PC Speed on June 22, 2011 – 8:39 am -

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A tweet is just too short to convey detail or context, and multiple tweets one after another become annoying. Tumblr is just right. It’s not a full-blown blog and it’s not a one-sentence message service. It i a social network for both original and curated content… longer than a tweet and often more visual in nature.

In a month where Facebook may have lost as many as six million US users. Tumblr now has over 20 million blogs. It has surpassed wordpress.com in size, Tumblr is about to hit the critical mass necessary to make it a major player. It enables a user to send news updates with the immediacy and ease of Twitter. With no 140 character cap, spelling, punctuation and key words and sentences don’t have to be sacrificed. Posts can include pictures and video, without having to click on a link or leave the site. Huffington Post

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