The end of streaming video and music: Verizon Ends Unlimited Data Plans,rolls out Tiered Pricing

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Verizon confirmed that it is ending the unlimited data plans. It will be switched to tiered pricing. This comes as everyone has loaded up on bandwidth hungry smartphones and tablets. The new pricing structure offers customers monthly plans of $30 for two gigs, $50 for five gigs, and $80 for ten gigs. A $10 plan for 75 megabytes of data is available to customers with feature phones with limited Internet capabilities. The news follows rival carriers T-Mobile and AT&T that switched from an all-you-can-eat service to a tiered approach back in May. eWeek

HBO needs to tone down the nudity. The shows can carry themselves.

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HBO is once again in full stride. With Emmy-winning movies, a panoply of well-done documentaries, successful comedies and dramatic hits both popular — True Blood and Boardwalk Empire. So maybe it’s time to tone down the tits.

The nudity got so gratuitous — two women teaching themselves the tricks of prostitution while a male character, fully clothed, muses about his personal history and definition of power. Fans even went on Twitter to complain. Although there is male nudity. They appear shirtless and/or bottomless But there are no scenes of clothed women and naked men. Well, maybe there was a scene or two like that in “Rome,” but you get my point. The brothel scenes are there, ostensibly to make a point about men and power. LA Times

Groupon and other coupon sites violate various consumer protection laws

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To name a few, Groupon violates the ban on offering discounts on booze. They also do not provide the length of time that a offer must remain valid. Groupon’s time limits are much smaller. And unused portions of vouchers must be redeemable for cash back.

Some states require sales tax on the discount amount. All of these issues are Groupon’s problem because the vendor on the customers’ credit card statement is Groupon. That means that they are therefore liable for the delivery of the actual goods or services. The Register

Booty-cameras in the dressing rooms to make sure it fits just right. What’s next the Congressman-Weiner cam?

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Checking out your own booty can be a back breaking affair. That’s why American Rag is now installing butt-cameras in all their dressing rooms. The cameras photograph the potential buyers booty while displaying the image on a screen in the fitting room. What’s next the Congressman Weiner cam? LA Times

Social Network produces 40% of all sharing traffic – 10% of all web traffic.

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Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter produce almost 40% of all sharing traffic. They beat out blogs and bookmarking services. These account for about 35% of sharing traffic.

Facebook is king in shared content. It accounts for over 1/2 of the traffic. Twitter and email generate 17% of sharing referrals each.
Given the numbers, it’s going to be increasingly difficult for marketers to ignore sharing as a traffic source. As pointed out, sharing is bigger than friends, fans, and followers…it accounts for nearly 1/2 of the referral traffic that search draws. Econsultantcy

Green Lantern is the truest DC Comics adaptation yet

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There are 8 reasons why Green Lantern may be the most direct comic book to screen adaptation of a DC character yet. The first reason is the movie stays true to your hero’s origin. The Green Latern’s early years could have been glossed over but the film makers thought it was necessary to demonstrate the characters lack of fear. It comes from the Latern’s early years as a fighter pilot.HitFlix

Lady Gaga tops charts by selling her 14-track album for a buck.

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Lady Gaga’s album sold 1.1. million copies in its first week. This was the best selling first-week album since 2005. But a high percentage of which were sold for less than individual songs from the album. Last week, retailer raised eyebrows when it sold the 14-tracks at 99 cents. It was an unprecedented low discounted album for a marquee release. iTunes was selling a download of the album for $11.99.

Though Amazon only sold the record at a buck for 2 days, Billboard estimated that it sold more than 440,000 albums at that price. LA Times

Architect of Rapture says he made a mistake – end of the world is in October.

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The architect of last weekend’s Judgment Day came now claims that me made an accounting mistake. On his show he Family Radio, the Earth was still coming to an end, he was off by five months. So now stay tuned till 21 October. Guardian

TV network amassed 100 million fans on social media in order to make their shows more appealing to advertisers -That’s one hell of a water cooler.

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Social media have been become a major part of the sales pitch at the “upfront” presentations held by all the TV networks. Networks are inviting advertisers to tap into their networks in order to sell advertising for their shows.

CW executives will have outlined 2 plans that let advertisers follow viewers onto social media Web sites and reward them for watching the advertisements. If they open an app during the commercial they will receive special offers or discounts from that retailer. The other plan is to invite them to plan an online game. By playing the game during a broadcast, viewers will have the ability to gain reward points. NY Times

Forget online dating services, GPS App allows singles to identify each other at bars and events.

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A smartphone dating app uses GPS to locate prospective dates in the local area. A user can scrolls through photos and profiles of available singles at a bar or any event. If one catches your eye, you can immediately text or IM and walk up to them and begin the relationship.

More established dating services like EHarmony and also offering apps, but without the GPS components. They claim that there clients don’t like being approached randomly without some preparation. Users say there can be the weirdo issue. Inappropriate instant messages from a stranger can be unwelcome especially by a an undesirable. LA Times