How to stop cybercriminals from adding your pc to a network of hijacked PCs

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If your computer been acting a funny lately, your PC may be hijacked by a cybercrime syndicate. Its not that uncommon. Hundreds of millions of PCs and laptop have been taken over without the owners’ knowledge by hackers. They are used around-the-clock sending spam, spying on Internet traffic and passwords, and fishing for credit card numbers. They have become part of a botnet.

A botnet is an army of infected PCs that is remotely controlled. Huge numbers of hacked PCs can be very powerful when linked together, and hackers can direct their PC bots to perform many illegal but often profitable tasks. Computers get infected when the user unwittingly opens an infected file or email attachment, or visits a booby-trapped website. Here’s what you can do to save your PC from being a bot.LA Times

The iPad Could Destroy the Comic Book Industry

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The Comic-Con will have three generations of fans. There’s the old-school folks who buy $4 for a comic book that they’ll put in a plastic bag with acid-free cardboard and store. This crowd has been dying off for years. Then there’s the graphic novel and would rather buy comics as squarebound books.

The third group of has arrived. They are the internet- savvy fans who download pirated versions of everything. At first the comics companies didn’t pay much attention to them. But now with the iPad and its magnificent format for comic books expect the sales of comic books to crash. Since there’s no iTunes Store equivalent to sell them digitally—no single place where readers can buy all the comics they’d ever want, old and new, to read on their tablets. Fans will go to any source including pirate versions. Wired

What Will Tweeters Do When Advertising Hits the Tweet Stream?

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Advertising on Twitter is coming — and not just promoted trends and tweets. Twitter is rolling out plans to have actual branded advertisements in a user’s real-time tweet stream. But how will you react when these appear. Some say its a big mistake if Twitter starts loading the tweets with ads.

It’s as if you held a supper and an stranger barged into your party screaming self-serving comments — and you can not stop the intruder. A conversational ad is simply disruptive. Twitter’s problem is that its a media company, a real-time information network, and therefore, its monetization options are fairly limited. Advertising is its only option because no one is willing to pay for the content. New York Times

Spotify is the future of music. Rather than selling individual tracks its a subscription service thats sells access to vast catalogs.

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After 2 years of on-off negotiations with record publishers, Spotify is finally open in the US – its huge in Europe. Its a different model than Apple iTunes that has you buy one song at a time. Spotify gives you access to a vast catalog that is accessible on any device. There are two big pluses. Its speed is a huge advantage over its American competitors. The speed come from its peer-to-peer network. The 2nd is the free access, which the company believes can lure in new users, who then get attached to its playlisting and social networking features and will be enticed to join.

The free access has worried American record labels and some analysts, who fear that it could cannibalize revenues from other sources, like iTunes. Spotify will be offered in the same three-tier plan that it has in Europe: a free, ad-supported version; a basic ad-free version for $5 a month; and a premium service for $10 a month that adds access on a mobile phone and higher audio quality. NY Times

Sculptors turn to Jello as a new art medium.

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Long relegated as the dessert of cafeterias, Jello is turning up in the work of established design studio. Artists are using the gelatinous form to create sculptures of everything fomr Barack Obama to entire cities. The inspiration is most likely from the British chefs whose projects include a Jello version of Buckingham Palace for the royal wedding.

The big appeal of gelatin art is nostalgia. It’s the familiar dessert that everyone loved when they were young. But artists like the way it bends the light giving the layers a rainbow effect. But a big issue is deterioration. Some say it adds drama to the sculpture. Over the life of the sculpture – some parts are new, other parts decaying just like life. Wall Street Journal

20 Million Google+ Users by this Weekend – breaking all records.

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Google’s latest social platform is growing so fast that it will rival Facebook. The 2 week old social network is in field test and has already grown to 7.3 million users. Google+ looks to be gaining ten million by Today and twenty million by the weekend. In 2009 Facebook was gaining nearly a million new users a day – that was the height of their growth. PC World

During the Economic downturn, women losing more jobs.

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The economic downturn has hit women particularly hard. Men are getting jobs women continue to lose them. In the last 2 years men in the U.S. have gained over 750,000 jobs and women have lost over 200,000 jobs; the overall rate of unemployment for men fell from 10.7% to 9.6% between 2009 and 2011. Women on the other hand saw unemployment rise from 8.3% to 8.6%. The labor force participation rate, the portion of the population who is working or wants to work, may be the reason. Atlantic

Sacred Relics of Shakespeare are worth seeing.

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Seventy volumes of Shakespeare’s work is now on display in London. The show is a survey of that books material life over 4 centuries: how it fared in the marketplace and in the hands of its owners; how copies were damaged and restored; how researchers have study its text; and even how it has been stolen and found. Each copy has a different color; each has different dimensions. Some are boxed, others bound in goatskin.

But once they were nearly identical. Each was printed in 1624, 7 years after Shakespeare’s passing. This exhibit hold 1/3 of the world’s surviving copies of a book. That book is the Shakespeare First Folio. Beginning in 1893, and for the next 36 years, 83 copies were purchased by the library’s founder, Henry Clay Folger. Only 233 such folios still exist anywhere. And since the highest price paid for one was $6.1 million in 2002, the fiscal value getting closer to the worth of the literary riches found within. New York Times

Frank Gehry’s has his first NY skyscraper – It’s being tauted as the most important building since the Empire State Building.

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The new Gehry building is located on 8 Spruce Street. It can now be seen across the East River from Brooklyn. It’s the site of a former parking lot on the close by Brooklyn Bridge at the edge of the financial district. It cost $875 million and has 76 stories. Its exterior is covered in sculpted folds of stainless steel similar to his other project. Its got that twisted and rippled look.

Throughout the day, Gehry’s skyscraper changes mood and color with the sun and the sky. One turns from pink to gold to silver. It’s so different that some consider it the most important building since the Empire State Building opened 80 years ago. Guardian

Social media is now more popular than online porn

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Social Networking is now larger than pornography as the No. 1 activity on the internet thus there is no need to increase speed on pc. Comparing social media and porn is only a small fraction of the staggering stats reveled about the connected world in which we now live.

Here are some more one in five couples met online. The same percentage blame Facebook for their divorce. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. Groupon will reach $1 billion is sales faster than any other company in history.Technorati