Four Comic Books That Deserve TV Treatment

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Graphic novels are getting the attention of TV. They’ve already made their way to movies where a million angry comic book fans are suspect of the treatment. Now, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Sandman’ are moving to TV. And again there will be a million angry comic book fans about the treatment. Here four comic books that need to get on TV.TV Squad

The ten next social media trends

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A new study found that only 28% of businesses used social media to promote their business, while 56% had no plans to start. It’s an understandable response. Just as they begin to launch a new social media campaign, something new comes along and turns everyone upside down.

It is a digital Wild West and Companies need to find a path to success. Fortunately, this article helps to get a handle on the ten latest trends in social media.Coolum

Teens text every 10 minutes

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A new study by Nielsen finds that teens are always texting. They are either receiving or sending a text message every ten minutes.

Teenage girls are texting more than boys. They average 4,000 texts and boys sent 2,539. This is up 8% from last year. Texting is used because of fast transmission and ease of use. According to the report 43 percent of boys and girls claim its their primary use for a cellphone. Washington Post

Those late night Internet sessions really are making you fat

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Its well know that browsing the web, playing vids, and watching late night TV can increase the risk of obesity. The original though was that all that inactivity plus snacks can cause significant weight gain.

But another issue may be another culprit – the additional exposure to light at night screws up with the circadian rhythm and upends the body’s metabolism.LA Times

Writers discuss how They are Writing books

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Four aspiring novelists are asked about their daily writing process. The interviews asked the following question. How long they have you been working on your novel and roughly how much longer you expect to go? How do you “pay your bills”? How do you balance work/friends/relatives/family with your writing? Do you have a writing routine and how do you reward yourself for staying with it? The Awl

Ignoring social software can be a mistake for companies

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Harvard Business: Social software enable companies to respond efficiently to changing demands. It can increase connections and tap into the information flows. The end result is better results in meeting customer needs, sustained performance improvement, and increasing the knowledge of participants.

Skeptics who ignore the potential of this tool will likely be at a disadvantage . This article explores the ways that social software can drive operating performance. Bloomberg

ebook piracy increasing

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A study finds that there is a 50% increase in searches for illegal downloads throughout the past year. There were 1 to 3 million daily searches for pirated ebooks. And there was a 20% increase in the demand since the iPad was made available. CNet

Nobel still ignoring American Writers

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Once again, an American writer did not win the Nobel Prize in literature. Some weirdo Peruvian named Mario Vargas Llosa, who wrote like definitive chronicles of military dictatorships or whatever, won the damn thing, Gawker

Qualcomm drops Mobile TV service

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Qualcomm Inc. is dropping Flo TV. The Flo offering brought mobile subscription TV service to its hand-held TVs and smart phones. The device that sells for $250 was introduced a year ago.

The adoption of Flo TV, on mobile devices including their own portable unit, never met sales targets. The fee for service was a big issue with its demise.
LA times

Korea owns World Cyber Games

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South Korea still has the title of champion for 3 years running at at the Video Game Olympics held in L.A. over the weekend. It’s a four day tournament that pits four hundred competitor from fifty nations. 4 gold medals were won by Korean gamers – American came in with three gold medals.Washington Post