Tour guide jobs pay the bills for aspiring actors

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Acting jobs have been scarce lately, so many apply for the tour guide job to earn money until they establish themselves in the entertainment industry. They hope to follow the path of other noteworthy actors who worked in tourism before making it big in the entertainment industries.

The tourism gig is ideal. They drive a tour bus because the hours are flexible, the tips are good and the job doesn’t demand much training. The tourism industry has a bunch of these types of jobs. LA Times

Google is Determined to create a Social Network

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Even though Google usually has a beat on the pulse of the entire Internet, it can’t seem to get social networking right. But as users dedicate more time to closed networks like Facebook, they are losing eyeballs. This means they are losing touch and ultimately losing advertising.

Google has tried to create social components. Buzz is the latest attempt. The system attempts to give gmail users the ability to share info like updates and photos. But these attempts are failing. NY Times

Artists are using a nontraditional funding source

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Los Angeles artists and filmmakers have look to an interactive fund raising site that taps into an artist’s online social media network. raises an average of two million dollars a month in donations and has an audience of 300,000. In Los Angeles alone, eight hundred projects have been funded, raising two million million for local projects.

A Kickstarter project includes a pitch — usually with a video, an status page and a listing of supporters. Each projects has a deadline as well. The artists ask for money in a way that doesn’t feel like begging. LA Times

Americans have moved beyond accessing the Internet on just computers

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The cell phone remains the “gadget of choice” in 2010 — fully 85% of all adults and three-quarters of teens now own a mobile phone. Computers are 2nd commonly owned personal technology, as 6-in-10 Americans own a desktop computer and half own a laptop. The study also determined that just under half of all adults own an mp3 player or console gaming device, while tablet computers and ebook readers are each owned currently by around one-in-twenty adults. New York Times

Despite Halo, Video game sales fall for sixth month

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The gaming industry’s sales declined for the 6th straight month. The drop of both computer and video gaming dashed hopes a strong year end.

Sales of consoles, games, and peripherals equaled $1.2 billion. That’s a decline of 8% from last year. Even though Halo had a strong start, the sales fell 6% during last month. LA Times

Puma launches a pop-up social club

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Puma the sports and lifestyle brand is launching a shop that emulates borrows from the concept of men’s social clubs. The 6,500-square-foot Puma Social Club, was created as a spot for the social games we play off the field with friends.

The social space is dedicated to the after-hours athlete — with a beer-worthy set-up of foosball, darts, and ping pong. The social club is popping up to coincide with the company’s just-launched “Puma Social” online ad campaign. LA Times

Twitter working on new feature called Events.

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Events will be used to track a number of keywords that automatically associate themselves with an event. This ability to quickly filter out tweets associated with an event will give the user the ability to follow a certain happening.

No release date has been offered. But it should be incredibly popular for those attending concerts, campaign rallies, or world events.
New York Times

Music and Film industry dealt piracy blow

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Court rules in favor of ISPs in piracy case. They don’t have to cut off internet users who illegally download films and music. It is likely to have a knock-on effect to similar policies in other countries.

The judge could not rule against the pirates because no laws were in place. This situation will require each country to go back and pass appropriate laws to stop this type of behavior.BBC

Hip-hop video game hopes to succeed by going social

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Def Jam Rapstar aims to cash in on the craze for music-related video games in at least one unique way. The game’s developers want to increase its popularity by linking it to a social networking website. There they can upload and compare songs and compete against other aspiring rappers.

Def Jam Rapstar is the 1st video games to really include social networking, and that’s going to separate it from other video games because the hip-hop community is very social.


What does this proliferation of a new class of mobile devices mean for the content

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Mobile devices are here to stay, they are evolving rapidly, and users who use these devices at home, will demand the ability to use them for work. So creating a ‘mobile’ elements to content management and info publishing strategies just got even more critical.

Some of the questions that need to be answered include does your company have a multiple channel publishing strategy (write once, publish many) for internal use of info? CMS